June 2020

STEM ACADEMY PTY LTD (ACN 635 993 814) trading as STEM Club (“STEM CLUB”) is committed to providing their students and professionals with high quality STEM education. STEM CLUB operates as an education facility for both the education of Students, and for the professional development of Schoolteachers.

STEM CLUB’s objective is to engage more Students and Schoolteachers in STEM, through the provision of practical activities, high-quality education, and simple and easy to understand guidance. STEM CLUB is committed to this goal, and understands that policies that lead to the development, evolution, refinement of its education services are necessary.


This Policy provides an overview of the way that STEM CLUB strives to improve all facets of its business including the educational services it offers to Students and Schoolteachers, and its operations more generally. The implementation of this Policy allows for STEM CLUB to continually and comprehensively review, improve, and implement new systems to better meet its objectives and regulatory requirements.

Policy Statement

As the goal of STEM CLUB is to improve the engagement in STEM of both Students and Schoolteachers, continuous improvement remains vital to the operation of STEM CLUB. STEM CLUB understands that with the further development of pedagogical theories and methods, STEM CLUB needs to adapt to the structure and nature of how education is provided to its students and schoolteachers.

The impact of technology, regulations, legislation, the evolution of course materials, feedback, client expectations, and many other factors require that STEM CLUB continue to innovate and improve its functions and services to continue to enhance the quality of the education provided and maintain its excellent reputation within the STEM industry.

Method of Improvement

The continuous improvement of STEM CLUB is to be considered along with the Policies of Quality Assurance and Evaluation. These Policies when combined demonstrate the method by which STEM CLUB will improve as an education provider. These methods include:

  • • Ensuring that there is a system of continuous improvement in place, which is underpinned by the Quality Assurance Policy;
  • • Identifying opportunities for improvement from the following mechanisms;
  • – Feedback forms provided to each Student, parent, guardian, carer and Schoolteacher at the conclusion of a term;
  • – Any comments made to providers during the term;
  • – Any complaints made to STEM CLUB; and
  • – Any feedback received by STEM CLUB.
  • • Implementing strategies to monitor its compliance with the standards necessary for endorsement by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority;
  • • Regular internal audits to ensure compliance with the:
  • – Regulations of the New South Wales Education Authority;
  • – Regulations of any other concerned government body;
  • – Compliance with any applicable legislation, included any amendments passed; and
  • – Compliance with this Policy and any other Policy of STEM CLUB.
  • • Ensuring that Teaching staff continue to remain at the forefront of any developments or updates within the STEM industry;
  • • Should a member of the Teaching staff be the subject of ongoing negative feedback or complaints, or if they fail to comply with the policies of STEM CLUB, or any legislative or regulatory requirements, the Director will personally evaluate the Teaching staff and responsive action may be taken; and
  • • Endeavour to foster a culture of teamwork and inclusiveness to allow staff to provide input into the improvement of the business; and
  • • Actively pursuing new technologies, research, concepts and methodologies to continue to deliver exceptional course content.
  • • Seeking to identify areas for improvement within the business on a continual basis.
  • Implementation of Improvement

    The Director of STEM CLUB will be responsible for the consideration, analysis, and implementation of feedback or any other improvements necessary. The Director will carry out the task personally or otherwise will delegate this duty, in whole or in part, to a person of appropriate skills to ensure that this process is conducted comprehensively.

    Other Policies

    STEM CLUB remains committed to the continuous improvement of its business and educational services. To aid in the continuous improvement of the business and educational services, this Policy is to be read in conjunction with the various other policies of STEM CLUB, including:

  • • STEM CLUB’s Evaluation Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Quality Assurance Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Complaint Resolution Policy;
  • • STEM CLUBS Regulatory, Organisations and Professional Conduct Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Privacy Policy; and
  • • STEM CLUB’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Review Policy

    All courses, policies, procedures, administration, systems, staffing, and other aspect of the business will be assessed and evaluated on an annual basis, or earlier if necessitated by feedback from clients or other stakeholders.

    Amendments to this Policy

    STEM CLUB may update, modify or remove this Policy at any time without notice, but will do so with the objective of ensuring ongoing compliance with NESA and any other statutory framework by which it is bound. Any amendments introduced will not in any way derogate from the commitment STEM CLUB has to demonstrating a high level of professionalism and providing exceptional education services.