June 2020

STEM ACADEMY PTY LTD (ACN 635 993 814) trading as STEM Club (“STEM CLUB”) is committed to providing their students and professionals with high quality STEM education. STEM CLUB operates as an education facility for both the education of students, and for the professional development of schoolteachers.

STEM CLUB’s objective is to engage more students and schoolteachers in STEM, through the provision of practical activities, high-quality education, and simple and easy to understand guidance. STEM CLUB is committed to this goal, and understands that policies that lead to the development, evolution, refinement of its education services are necessary.


This Policy provides a process by which STEM CLUB can conduct regular evaluations of its courses, content, materials and teaching staffs. These evaluations are fundamental to allowing STEM CLUB to identify any areas for ongoing and continuous improvement.

Policy Statement

The goal of STEM CLUB is to improve the engagement of students through the education of those students, and their schoolteachers. The field of education is not one that is stagnant, but rather is constantly being evolved, updated, refined, and improved through research and the development of new technologies and systems.

STEM CLUB’s goal is to not only keep pace within the field of education, but also to be innovative and a leader in the STEM industry. To achieve this objective, STEM CLUB needs to be open to collating feedback from students, schoolteachers and other stakeholders about its educational function and its business and operations more generally.

STEM CLUB intends to maximise its feedback potential through:

  • • Providing multiple opportunities for students, schoolteachers, parents and teaching staff to provide feedback;
  • • Ensuring that all employees and teaching staffs are open to receiving feedback and adapting to responsive changes implemented; and
  • • Analyzing and utilising useful feedback in line with its Continuous Improvement Policy.
  • Feedback Form

    At the conclusion of each term, each student, schoolteacher, and parent (where applicable) will be provided with a feedback form for their completion. The feedback may be completed anonymously if preferred.

    The feedback form will seek a response on matters including but not limited to:

  • • Quality of the education service provided;
  • • Quality of the education materials provided;
  • • The effectiveness of multimedia or other resources;
  • • Quality of the supplementary materials provided;
  • • Quality of the teaching staff;
  • • Effectiveness of practical demonstrations or exercises to aiding in theoretical application;
  • • How easy the content was to understand;
  • • How easy the lessons were to follow;
  • • Quality of the facility;
  • • Commentary about the feedback provided by the teaching staff for any assessments, tasks or exercises assigned to the student or schoolteacher;
  • • Whether the course assisted in their understanding of STEM;
  • • Whether additional content or materials would have been of assistance;
  • • Any further comments regarding the manner in which the classes were taught; and
  • • Any further comments regarding areas of improvement.
  • Informal Feedback

    While the feedback form will be the main source receiving feedback directly from students, schoolteachers and carers (if applicable), STEM CLUB will be open to receiving any other source of feedback at any time.

    Collection and Transmission of Feedback

    All feedback forms are to be collected, and their information entered into the record management system of STEM CLUB. Feedback which is given in an informal manner is to be entered into the system through the use of file notes.

    A delegated member of the STEM CLUB team will be assigned the role of evaluating and analysing the feedback each term. They will provide a report summarising these evaluations and issue the report to the Director who will consider any improvements, changes or other action that should be implemented to overcome problems, concerns or opportunities identified in the report.

    Other Policies

    STEM CLUB remains committed to the implementation of feedback to aid in continuous improvement of its business and educational services. To aid in the process of how feedback is to be processed by STEM CLUB, this policy is to be read in conjunction with various other policies of STEM CLUB, including:

  • • STEM CLUB’s Continuous Improvement Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Quality Assurance Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Complaint Resolution Policy;
  • • STEM CLUB’s Regulatory, Organisation, and Professional Conduct Policy; and
  • • STEM CLUB’s Privacy Policy.
  • Review of this Policy

    All courses, policies, procedures, administration, systems, staffing, and other aspect of the business will be assessed and evaluated on an annual basis, or earlier if necessitated by feedback from clients or other stakeholders.

    Amendments to this Policy

    STEM CLUB may update, modify or remove this Policy at any time without notice, but will do so with the objective of ensuring ongoing compliance with NESA and any other statutory framework by which it is bound. Any amendments introduced will not in any way derogate from the commitment STEM CLUB has to demonstrating a high level of professionalism and providing exceptional education services.