WRO Australia 2024


World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Australia is the Australian leg of the WRO competition. Australian students have the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s leading robotics competitions.

WRO itself, is a not-for-profit organisation that invests all revenue raised from sponsorship back into supporting its mission to promote robotics in STEM education worldwide.

It is the aim of WRO to bring young people from all around the world together to develop their creativity, problem solving skills and other soft skills. This is done through engaging, yet challenging educational robotics competitions.

WRO Australia 2024 Registration


The WRO competitions (NSW) will be registered by individual team members.

Please note that a team must consist of 2 or 3 team members to compete, and please be aware that it is your responsibility to establish your team.

WRO Australia 2024 Registration
Age Groups
NSW Competition Dates
Registration Fee (GST-inclusive)

$154.00Termly Price (incl. GST)

*Online enrolment accepted for Sydney Head School only


STEM CLUB will be operating as the 2024 WRO Australia Partner and competition organiser in Australia. For more information please contact STEM Club via the details below.

Dr Todd Zhao

Phone: 02 9884 7255 Email: info@steamclub.com.au
Address: STEM Club, G03/781 Pacific Hwy. Chastwood NSW 2067

WRO’s Objectives

Offer young people the opportunity to expand their horizons through exploration of robots and robotics systems.

Widen the view of young people encourage them to be our future scientists, engineers, makers and inventors.

Help young people acquire 21st century skills like creative thinking, cooperation and communication.

Help introduce the concept of modern science into educational activities.

Promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education worldwide.

Bring together young people from all over the world to measure their skills and have fun at our annual international final.