Our Tech-challenge Robotics programme is a project-based and team-based programme, designed for students aged 12 and above. Given different challenges, our students will develop their computational skills, build and code their robots using Java-based programming, and learn to raise funds, design and market their team brand. Throughout our Tech-challenge Robotics Programme they will learn to ask in-depth questions and solve problems in a professional manner. Guided by our mentors, students will realize the value of hard work and innovation, and work as a team.

There are two major objectives behind our Tech-challenge Robotics Programme:

(1) In the short term, we will help students develop their problem-solving skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, independence and creativity; and students will explore, create and share their scientific and engineering discoveries as they build and program real-life projects.

(2) Robotics industry is on the rise leading to robots being used in every walk of life, from domestic appliances to manufacturing, automation, and military. In the long term, the Tech-challenge Robotics Programme would inspire our students to prepare themselves for a fruitful career in STEM-related workforce.