Tech-challenge Robotics Level 1: Introduction to Robotics

This level is an introduction to robotics and also a specific focus on the drivetrain and chassis structure of a robot. This term will involve content on learning the basics of a drivetrain, differences in motor torques, speeds and the relevant sacrifices/trade-offs that a choice of motor entails. Additionally, the programming aspect will teach how to use Java to essentially program the movement of the robot, in autonomous as well as in tele-operated mode (where the robot is controlled using a controller).

Tech-challenge Robotics Level 2: Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Grabbing Mechanism

This level looks at Computer Aided Design (CAD) and specifically the usage of CAD to design a grabbing mechanism. The grabbing mechanism will be used to complete a specific task, which will allow for students to experiment with designs as well as iterate existing designs. This will also utilise mechanical components such as a servomotor (servo). 3D Printing may be used this level to manufacture designs into reality.

Tech-challenge Robotics Level 3: The elevator and Linear Slide

The elevator and linear slide will be the mechanism of focus for Level 3. The elevator is a mechanism that allows for the robot to reach heights that are higher than its starting height limit. These mechanisms are commonly controlled using a motor-driven tension rope winch system in addition to a passive tension retraction system. The elevator will be assembled in CAD prior to assembly using parts and hand tools.

Tech-challenge Robotics Level 4: Robotics Control Systems

This level allows students to independently investigate robot performance, before changing their drivetrain slightly to a mecanum drivetrain. After completing this task, advanced programming techniques, specialising in mecanum drivetrain manoeuvring will be taught to ensure robot handling is of an acceptable quality. Lastly, should time allow, another mechanism (such as an intake) will be covered in brief detail.

Demo videos are provided here:

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